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Mermaid Home Watch Hurricane Preparation


We know that being away from your home during hurricane season can be stressful.

It is good to have a backup plan, such as a home watch company like Mermaid Home Watch.  We can help relieve some of the stress and damage with our pre and post hurricane services.  As soon as it is possible and safe, we will go to your home to do a high level review of damages and contact you regarding the same.

  • Hurricane season runs every year from June 1st through November 30th, with storms tending to peak in August and September.
  • Storms often approach with little warning and can change course and intensity in an instant
  • Been through 2 large storms/hurricanes – Sandy and Irma, living less than a block to the beach in Belmar, NJ when Hurricane Sandy hit.

Our Hurricane Services

Pre Storm Inspection – Done once a storm has been named

  • Pre-Storm pictures of home
  • Moving outdoor furniture to a re-designated area
  • Moving any exterior items that can become airborne with intense winds
  • Installing storm shutters (if signed up for shutter service – excludes manual slat shutters)
  • Move outdoor grill to garage or inside hurricane shuttered lanai, if possible (proprane tank left outside)
  • Securing of the home

Post Storm Inspection – Done as soon as safely possible

  • Do a high level inspection of your home to determine damages and reported to you immediately (dependent on cell/internet service at the time)
  • Pictures of any major damages
  • Coordinate to meet with insurance company/adjuster if necessary

      2nd Post Storm Inspection

  • Once storm all clear is given we will do a more detailed inspection
  • Restore home to normal ie furniture, grill etc, unless otherwise specified

 Download our Hurricane Preparation Checklist here

Check this Florida website for additional information regarding storms and preparation


Our Experience with Hurricane Sandy

The storm made landfall in NJ as a post-tropical cyclone at 7:30 p.m. on Oct. 29, and “drove a catastrophic storm surge into the New Jersey and New York coastlines.”

It was like the “perfect storm”.   At 7:30 that night, it was high tide and it was also a full moon.  I lost power for 16 days and many areas were much longer. And, it wasn’t even being considered a hurricane at landfall.

We Take Hurricane Prep and Follow-Up Seriously!

Our pre and post-storm services are limited only to our Home Watch clients.  Call us at 239-770-3334 and let’s discuss your concerns for storm preparations, your plans and how Mermaid Home Watch can execute them for your peace of mind.  You may also leave us a message by clicking the button below.